There are over 100,000 undergraduate courses available at 131 accredited universities in the UK. All applications must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). It is for students who have graduated from Lykeio or who are still in their final year.

There are a number of different Bachelor degrees available:

  • B.A. = Bachelor of Arts - Typically a three-year course.
  • B.Sc. = Bachelor of Science - Typically a three-year course.
  • B.Ed. = Bachelor of Education - Typically a four-year course.

Entry Requirements

British universities accept a wide range of qualifications including the Baccalaureate, A levels and Greek examinations. The top universities require Panhellenic exams but a large number of very good universities need only an Apolytirion. The Apolytirion grade depends on the entry requirements of each course at each university. The only other thing you need is proof of English language ability. We can help you prepare and register for an academic English exam, many of which are held every two weeks.

If you apply before your exam results have been published, you will be made ‘conditional offers’. This means that, as long as you equal or surpass the grades you are asked for, your place is guaranteed.

If you apply after you receive your grades you will receive ‘unconditional offers’ meaning your place is guaranteed automatically should you choose to accept the offer.

When do I have to apply?

There are 3 phases:

  1. Regular Application (Deadline 15th January)
    In this phase you may choose up to five courses at five universities and your application will be considered by all five. The deadline for most courses is 15th January but it is 15th October for Oxford, Cambridge or any professional course in medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry.
    During this phase, you can apply for the full range of courses at all the universities and you are more likely to receive an offer of a place at your first choice of university. Another advantage is that you are guaranteed affordable accommodation in halls of residence.
  2. Late Application (Deadline 30th June)
    UCAS will accept applications up to the end of June. Although the full range of courses and universities will not be available at this point, numerous places are still on offer at good universities. It is very likely that you will be allocated affordable accommodation in the halls of residence but this is not guaranteed. However, if necessary, we can help you find a place in private halls, houses or apartments.
  3. Clearing (from 15th August to 20th September)
    The final application phase begins after the British exam results have been published. That is when we here at Stepping Stone go into over-drive, calling the universities on your behalf to secure a place on remaining courses. Accommodation in halls of residence is not guaranteed at this late stage but once again, if necessary, we can help you to find a place in private halls, houses or apartments.

“The whole process of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

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